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Office of the Prime Minister of Canada

  Office of The Prime Minister
  PMO - Canada-U.S. Relations Unit
  Cabinet Committees and Membership
  Twitter:Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada @JustinTrudeau
  Twitter: Gerald Butts, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister @gmbutts
  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau interviewed by state media in China (September 2016)
  Bloomberg: Why Trudeau Is Like Trump - key take away: virocracy - there’s something intensely undemocratic about it as well. Issues aren’t debated as they once were.(September 8, 2016)
  MPs will still have no power at all to reject a proposed nominee for the Supreme Court (August 2016)
  The Crown and Prime Ministerial Power - Philippe Lagassé
  Accountability to Citizens in the Westminster Model of Government: More Myth Than Reality W.T. Stanbury (February 2003)
  Canadian governance - PM too Powerful? Any balance?
  iPolitics: Susan Delacourt: Liberal party — whether because of its branding or its new constitution, or both — increasingly revolves around Trudeau alone
  IRRP: The A-Team of policy wonks in the Trudeau government
  IRPP: How policy is being made under the new Liberal government
  Management of errors: Why do governments engage in secrecy and cover-ups rather than admit errors and accept responsibility for them? By W.T. STANBURY (December 21, 2009)
  Canada to the Rescue - a critique of the US system of government (August 18, 2014)