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Welcome to Patrick Muncaster's Dashboard


This website is a portal to a wide variety of information. I use it among other things to support my twitter streams @PJ_Muncaster and @PatrikMuncaster The former focuses on the information revolution and artificial intelligence. The latter twitter stream focuses on broader technological, economic and social developments.

The banner image on this site is a photo I took from the Langdale ferry terminal close to Gibsons, B.C. It looks across Howe Sound to Lions Bay where the mountains fall sharply into the sea. This scene embodies the spirit of the West Coast and it is why I make my home here.

This website has evolved over many years. I made it a public resource. When I stumble over something that may be valuable to others I add it.

"Leadership, it's been said, has two essential ingredients: first, it's about going somewhere; second, it's about being able to persuade other people to share in the journey."

This Portal has a number of themes:

Regional and Continental Cooperation - there are too many governments and too much government - they need to be rethought. Most governments were created when the railways were new and primary transport was a horse. Local government in particular needs an overhaul. Times and technology change. Economies of scale count.

Good Macroeconomic Management - including sound fiscal policies, policies that keeps public sector debt at sustainable levels relative to the size of the economy. This may mean the assumption of "investment" related debt that builds economic capacity via infrastructure and human capital. Monetary policy focussed on keeping core inflation low and encouraging saving and hard work.

Forward Thinking - understanding what the macro trends are and charting public, private and personal strategies to build toward a better and more sustainable future.

Creative Destruction - Helping old ideas that have out-lived their usefulness to pass from the scene. Badly run businesses go out of business. Government structures can stay in place long after they become uneconomic and ineffective. Accelerated technical and economic change and changing demographics calls for a review of many of our structures.

Sustainability - We live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Its natural systems need to be protected and sustained as does the planet as a whole.

Strategic Power - energy self-sufficiency, material and food self-sufficiency, soft power and hard power, health system resilience, global reach, technological leadership, transportation efficiencies and effectiveness, political and bureaucratic cohesion.

Building an Adaptive, Resilient and Open Society - using the new information and management tools available to assist communities and governments to become more adaptive, resilient and open.

Long Range Planning - in times of revolutionary change, incrementalism and failure to link budgets to a vision is a recipe for failure.

Existential Thinking - Mankind has both unimaginable opportunity before it and all manner of threats. We are on the cusp of reverse engineering the human brain and of creating "intelligences" both narrow and general with potential to remove all limits on our species save those imposed by the fundamental laws of physics. This appears likely to put extreme stress on the social fabric for the changes underway will call into question what it means to be human and will "trash" many firmly held world views and interests.

Spiritual Growth - acknowledging the limits to materialism. Man does not live by bread alone. We live in a region that has a natural beauty that lends itself to spiritual growth.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it of value. My background "informs" the content and focus.

Patrick Muncaster

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