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Emergency Preparedness

There is never a substitute for preparation and drill.

From the Fort McMurray Fire to the earthquake in New Zealand you know that things can go sideways suddenly and you may be without water, food and shelter on very short notice or with no notice.

Do you have the skills to live in the rough? Do you have the supplies? What is the state of your first aid kit? Is your family prepared? Do you have a region exit plan?

The rule of threes: 3 days, three weeks, three months...

Risks in BC include, but are not limited to,: Earthquakes (overdue), Tsunamis (overdue), Flooding (10yr, 50yr), Fires (increasing frequency), Windstorms (powerloss), Blizzards, Pandemics, cyberattack, geomagnetic storms (power loss), an EMP attack (power loss) Nuclear emergencies.

  B.C. - Provincial Emergency Program (PEP)
  Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
  BC Hydro - Prepare your home for a power outage
  Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency - Emergency Preparedness
  U.S. Federal Emergency Measures Agency (FEMA)
  Weather Alerts
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  Wikipedia - Ten Essentials
  Emergency Power Backup
  Emergency Preparedness Supplies
  ‘Inevitable’ 9.0 earthquake, tsunami will hit Canada’s West Coast: expert (January 23, 2018)
  Joint Task Force Pacific Panorama (JTFP) Response to a Catastrophic Earthquake in British Columbia (February 12, 2014)
  Provincial Air Operations Plan For Catastrophic Events in British Columbia (version sanitized for public distribution) (January 2019)
  Geomagnetic Storms up to a Carrington Event
  Hybrid War
  Canada Earthquake
  Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW)
  CREW: Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquakes: A magnitude 9.0 earthquake scenario (Logistics breakdown)
  The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network - latest quakes
  Cascade Volcano Warnings
  Electromagnetic Pulse
  Report: OECD Social Unrest framework for systemic risk
  The International Council for Life Sciences
  Center for Biosecurity
  Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)
  International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  Council for Responsible Genetics
  Genewatch - UK (Anti)
  Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
  Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
  U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  Community Emergency Response Team Training Material
  Canadian Security Intelligence Service
  Federation of American Scientists - Comprehensive resources
  Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy
  Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada
  Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT)
  International Artificial Intelligence Safety and Cooperation (IAISC)
  A Skeptical Guide to Doomsday
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