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Scuba Diving in BC


Sunshine Coast Tide Tables

  Gibsons Tide Chart - GC
  Gibsons Tide Chart
  Egmont Tide Chart

Scuba Diving Shops and Supplies

  Sea To Sky Scuba, North Vancouver
  Rowands Reef, Vancouver
  Diving Locker, Vancouver
  Seadog Divers Den - Sechelt, Sunshine Coast
  MEC - Snorkeling Gear
  Amazon - scuba
  Victoria Dive Shops

Scuba Diving Certification

  The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)
  American and Canadian Underwater Certifications (ACUC)

Snorkeling, Free Diving and Scuba

  Wiki - Snorkeling
  Wiki - Free Diving
  PADI - 8 Tips for Beginner Freedivers
  Scuba diving, skin diving, free diving - Whats the difference?


  YT: Wetsuits for Freediving | Everything you NEED to Know about Freediving Wetsuits


  Underwater Photography Guide
  Go Pro