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Web Design, Programming and Knowledge Infrastructure

Whether we are eight or eighty our world is shaped by the web, web design and most particularly the rapidly altering knowledge infrastructure made possible by talented, inspired and hard working people across the globe - and the law of accelerating returns. I hope this helps you with the new literacy and encourages you to take your first steps of active creation by learning to program.

There are more sites on these subjects on the world wide web than there are visible stars in the night sky. Like all things this section will evolve - be added to, refined and reorganized. What can be said is that the knowledge linked to here is of existential importance.


Active + Adaptive

  Open courseware from U Waterloo - Web Basics, Web Programming
  Learn about a new "superpower" that isn't being taught in 90% of schools
  Twelve year old learns to code
  iPad coding apps for kids
  15+ ways of teaching every student coding
  7 Apps to teach kids programming
  Teaching Kids Programming Org
  HyperText Markup Language (HTML) - Wiki Overview
  HyperText Markup Language (HTML) HTML5 - Wiki Overview
  Learn HTML in 6 Hours - Video
  XHTML (Extensible HyperText Markup Language)
  HTML Coding Style - Intro
  Learning to Code - Just do it
  Coding.Org - You Tube Channel
  The Semantic Web - What is it about?
  Linked Open Data - What is it?
  What is Linked Data? + Common Web Elements
  Web 3.0 Overview
  CSS tutorial starting with HTML + CSS
  Bootstrap-tutorial - What web designers use to have sites recognized by Search Engines
  RDFa - Linked Data in HTML
  JSON -a lightweight Linked Data format
  HTML5 Rocks - A Google Project
  The State of HTML5 Video
  The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - Standards
  The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - Web Design and Applications
  Programming For Artists: Learn How To Code In An Hour
  Ruby on Rails.Org
  Mozilla Developer Network
  The Code Player
  Emily Carr - Interaction Design Essentials
  Wiki about Wordpress - Blogging Tool
  WordPress - Blogging Tool
  Paper.Li - Blogging Tool
  BCIT Online Learning Web Technologies
  BCIT Software Systems Developer -Web Designer Option
  BCIT New Media Design & Web Development
  BCIT Technical Web Designer
  BCIT COMP 1850 - Web Development and Design 1
  Khan Academy - Learn Computer Programing
  Top Ten Free Python ebooks
  AWWWards - Web Design Awards
  Google - Inside Search - Knowledge Graph
  Google Developers
  Google Developers - Freebase
  Google Web Designer
  Google Webmaster - data, tools and diagnostics
  Google Sites Help Center
  Google Sites - Tutorial
  What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?
  Demystifying The Knowledge Graph
  Search Engine Journal
  elance - Hire Great Freelancers
  Wolfram Language - Knowledge based programming
  Mathematica to Arduino link - software to physical world
  Use the Computable Document Format (CDF) to include Mathematica content on web pages and blog
  Why Every Digital Marketer Needs a Graph
  Stackoverflow - Q&A Advice
  Want to Be on the Knowledge Graph? Get Listed in Google´┐Żs Freebase
  A Quick Guide to GitHub
  Openframeworks - Toolkit for the creative Process
  OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library)
  Open Source Robotics Foundation
  Alexa - Website Stats and analysis
  Compete - Website Stats and analysis
  Quantcast - Website Stats and analysis
  Open Source Haptics Library
  Cloudy-concepts-iaas-paas-saas-maas-caas-and-xaas + cognition as service - open source web browser engine - open source document database - free statistical Computing
  Mathworks: Matlab, Simulink and 79 other products
  Neo4J Graph Database - Learn - NoSQL
  Object Database Management Systems Org - Portal for Education & Research
  Extremely Large Databases - Tech Definitions
  Java Tutorials
  Boost your data science skills. Learn linear algebra.
  Machine Learning in Excel With Python