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Talks on Future Defining Developments

There are a host of developments happening in different domains and between domains that will shape the future. Many of the challenges we face as a species are existential - aka involve whether or not we continue to evolve as a species or not.

One thing we must never do as a species (as we focus on challenges) is to forget to pay attention to the progress we have made and continue to make.

We are surrounded by boundless opportunities.

   Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes - The Joy of Stats
   Hans Rosling "New insights on poverty and life around the world" - 19 minutes
   Michael Wesch "A Vision of Students Today" - 4 minutes
   Michael Wesch "Web 2..The Machine is Us/ing us" - 4 minutes
   Michael Wesch - Information R/evolution - 4 minutes
  Ray Kurzweil "Accelerating Intelligence" - 23 minutes
  Dr. Andras Pellionisz -Is IT ready for the Dreaded DNA Data Deluge? - 52 minutes
   Vent Cerf - Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century - 82 minutes
   Introduction to the Semantic Web - 6 minutes
   Mark Thiessen - National Geographic - Nanotechnology"
   KQED Quest "Nanotechnology takes Off"- 10 minutes
  Dr. Craig Venter "A DNA Driven World" - 43 minutes
   Craig Venter & Richard Dawkins - A Gene Centric View - Life - a new information science - 4 minutes
   Drew Eddy - Synthetic Biology Defined - 5 minutes
   Paul Rothemund: Casting spells with DNA" - 5 minutes
   Dr Michael Marron "NIH and Computational Infrastructure for Biomedical Research" - 47 minutes
   Hod Lipson"Evolving Robots" - 6 minutes
  Ken Caldeira - GeoEngineering Earths Climate - 52 min
   David Keith: "Geoengineering Climate" - 16 minutes
   Michio Kaku "The Future of Civilization" - 8 minutes
   Steve DiPaola - AI and Digital Media (Faces) - 60 minutes
   Vilayanur Ramachandran "A journey to the center of your mind" - 16 minutes
   Jeff Hawkins "Brain science is about to fundamentally change computing" - 20 minutes
   Ken Campbell - Brainspotting - Consciousness Parts 1 - 3 - 60 + minutes
   Nick Bostrom - Changing what we are - 17 minutes
   Chris Anderson (Wired) Technology's Long Tail - 15 minutes
   World Energy Outlook 2007: China and India Insights - 9 minutes
   Energy Trends & Technologies - Steven Koonin, Chief Scientist for BP & Professor of Physics, Caltech - 90 minutes
   Amory Lovins "We must win the oil endgame" - 19 minutes
   Computers and Common Sense - General Ai 2020 - 75 minutes
   Murray Gell-Mann "Beauty and Truth in Physics" - 16 minutes