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The global knowledge base is growing exponentially and the tools to assist learning evolving rapidly.

  Start with a Learning Mindset
  99 Best Online College resources on MOOCs
  Open Culture - Learning Resources
  Coursera - Free university courses
  Khan Academy
  Tin Can API
  Tin Can API - Connecting the Dots with Data
  Robert Scoble interview with GrokrLabs
  Google Tech Talks
  Presentation on Newton - Big Data Mining in Education
  Newton - Adaptive Learning Provider
  Big Data University
  Big Think - Video - Talks - e-Learning Sources Map
  iTunes U
  Video Lectures Net
  New Scientist
  How Stuff Works
  American Association for the Advancement of Science
  Scientific American
  National Academies Press
  Cronozoom - History
  Sixty Symbols from Physics and Astronomy: videos
  National Geographic
  World Wide Web Virtual Library
  Museums of the World
  British Museum
  World History - HyperHistory
  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  Project Gutenberg
  Encyclopedia Britannica
  Oxford English Dictionary
  Library of Congress
  British Library
  National Library of Canada
  Bartlett's Quotations
  Electric Library
  The National Gallery of Canada
  Canadian Museum of Man
  MIT Media Lab
  Astronomy Picture of the Day
  BC Libraries - Interlink
  Vancouver Public Library
  BC Learning Outcomes and Resources - BC Ministry of Education
  Latest Solar Activity
  Global Index of Learning Resources
  The Learning Organization
  B.C. Learning Network
  SchoolNet Canada
  European Historical Documents
  Knowledge Management
  NASA - Visible Earth
  New Media Consortium Report 2012 K - 12
  The Journal - Transforming Education Through Technology
  Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR)
  Mathtube - lectures and seminars
  Wolfram MathWorld
  Google Course Builder
  Vi Hart - Doodling in Math Class
  Learning Theories
  The BEST Science Online (Henry's List)