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Delta Secondary School Grad Class of '67'

Hi Everyone!

It is our 50th Year Reunion Celebration - June 9 - 10, 2017

The Delta Secondary School 50th Grad Reunion dates have now been set for Friday, June 9 and Saturday, June 10th, 2017. Details have been emailed to you.

The June 9, Friday evening "Grads only" gathering will be at the same location as last time.

The dinner will be on Saturday, June 10th at the Delta Town and Country in the Terrace Room (the same as last time.)

The Town and Country is offering a special rate for Grads. Just say you are with the DSS Grad Reunion. Book early!

We look forward to seeing you all!

If you haven't received an email, make sure you send in your latest contact information.

Email me here


Our Community

  Delta Secondary School
  Delta Optimist
  Tsawwassen First Nation - where some of us lived
  Canadian Forces Station Ladner - where some of us lived
  Tsawwassen - where some of us lived
  Ladner - where some of us lived
  Delta Municipality - How it has changed

2012 Reunion

Special thank you to Bill Learmont and Garry Gordon for the music and technical support, Margaret Harriman and Reg Frey for making their home available for the Friday night Grads Only Reunion, Gord Rogers for his wait for photos, Rick Gilmour for his advice, Don Perdue for his speech & moral support, Sandra Burnett (Sandy Johnson) and Margaret Harriman for their work at the help desk, the staff at the Town & Country.

Thank you all who came from far and wide to enjoy old friends.


DSS Biography Outline

Current name (DSS Name), phone # (s), address, email address, Social Media, Marital status, Occupation, Children, Grandchildren 45 years in one hundred words or less. Happiest, funniest most unusual memory of Delta Secondary

2012 Reunion Photos

1992 Reunion Photos

1967 Photos

Mini Reunions

DSS Grads: 126 - DSS Grads located (2012):102

Grads Contacted - 2012

Alphabetically by first name

Date: 04 06 12

Aidan Morgan

Al Maxwell

Becky Friesen

Bob Freer- Facebook - PO Box 1319 Vaughn WA 98394, USA

Bob Helmer

Bob Karsgaard (now Colin Fitzgerald)

Bobbi Bates (Pengelly)

Bonnie McDaniel (Whyte)

Bill Howe

Bill Learmont

Bruce Stevens

Candy Walker (Magowan) - Facebook, Twitter

Carlo Mortensen

Claire Hoggard (Taylor)

Dave Maddison

Deidre Roane (Lowe)

Diane Tureki

Dietmar Uberschar - Skype

Don Perdue - Facebook, Twitter

Donna Martynuik

Doreen Laurent (Galick)

Edith Timewell (Hillyard)

Elsie Scutt (Frank)

Faith Hoy

Florette Dumont

Fred Gallop

Fred Leisz

Garry Gordon

Geoff Callon

Geordie Fedrick

Gerri Haklander (Johnston)

Glenn Baglo

Glenn Sherriff - Facebook, Twitter

Gordon Rogers - (Passed away at the age of 73, on October 12, 2022)

Gordon Whyte

Grace Terpstra (Vanderheyden) - Facebook

Grace Vandermeer (Sturgeon) - Facebook

Greg MacDonald (Passed away 2013)

Gwen Cullen (Wells)

Hazel Blackwood

Helen Willie

Jane Thomson (Franz) - Facebook

Jeanne Bakermans

Jennifer MacArthur

Jessyca Suzuki

Jill Weatherby (McNulty)

Jim Cherry

Joan Horst (Van Tol ) - Facebook

John Cunningham

John Stevens

John van Dongen - Facebook

Judi Cartlidge (Zerkee ) - Facebook

Karen McMann

Kathleen Welch-Fraser

Kathy Crawford (Darnell)

Ken Montgomery

Linda Kabush (Dickinson) (Passed away January 9, 2017)

Linda Kerr (Loynes)

Liz Green (Jarvenpaa) - Facebook

Louise Towers - Facebook, Twitter (Passed away September 22, 2021)

Lynda Wright (Coutts)

Lynne Spooner (Scott ) - Facebook

Margaret Harriman (Frey)

Mary-Lou Johnstone (Lancaster)

Mary Linda Block

Maureen Harris (Ogilvy)

Maureen Smith (McKenzie)

Melinda Lundstrom (Stanley)

Merilee Taylor (Chambers)

Mike Fisher - Facebook

Murray Tanner

Nancy Furness (Carson)

Pat Rogers

Patrick Muncaster - Facebook, Twitter, Skype - Gibsons, B.C.

Paul Fletcher

Pete Martin

Rae Clarkson

Ray Selinger

Richard Cahill

Rick Gilmour

Rocky Wilson (Passed away October 20, 2016)

Rod Firman (Passed away September 24, 2014)

Ron Erlandsen

Rosemary Webster

Russell Spooner

Ruth Cowan (Fraser)

Sandra Burnett (Sandy Johnson)

Sandra Cheetham (Ayres)

Sandy Terpstra (Karreman) - Facebook

Sharon Ogilvie (Playfair) - Facebook, Twitter

Sheila Gunn - Facebook

Steve Martin - Facebook

Sue Agnew (Bakermans)

Susan Caron (Brown) - Facebook

Sylvia Vath (Murray)

Teresa(Terry) Gibbens (Forster)

Terril Savage (Butterworth) - Facebook, Skype - Perth, Ontario

Terry Hope

Verna Urben (Zentner) - Facebook

Wayne Kirk

Wayne McKinnon

Wendy Foweather (McGinn)

Wendy Kawano (Noulett)

Grads yet to be contacted

Hans Boogard (Missing the last reunion as well)

Mike Caldwell (Missing the last reunion as well)

Marilynne Campbell (Blagborne)

Jo-Anne Canning (Canning - Dew)

Carolyn Christiansen (Missing the last reunion as well)

Donna Davies (Missing the last reunion as well)

Doug Ferguson

Zoe Harris (McCrystal)

Brian Hunter (Missing the last reunion as well)

Ron Kirkpatrick

Sunny Marshall

Darrel Prichard

Barbara Scott (Burke)

Allan Sware

Jim Thomas (Missing the last reunion as well)

Judy Tremain

Bryan Wood

Be sure to notify of us of changes in your email address so we can maintain our contact Database!

Others associated with the Grad Class of 67

Jody Vogler

Grads who have passed away

Gordon Rogers ( October 12, 2022) Obituary
Mary Louise Towers (September 22, 2021) Obituary
Linda Kabush (January 9, 2017) Obituary
Rocky Wilson (October 20, 2016) Obituary
Rod Firman (September 24, 2014) Obituary
Greg MacDonald (February 21st, 2013)
Eileen Simpson (Parent) (June 2011)
Dennis Erlandsen (2008)
Steve Everson (2007)
Joanne McKinnon (2006)
Donna Vickerson (2002)
John Nelson

Contact emails:

Patrick Muncaster

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