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Futurist Blogs

There are individuals around the world who try to keep a watching brief on key sectors that will shape the future and who attempt to forecast near term, medium term and longer term developments using a host of tools as well as disciplined and creative thinking.

Their blogs are a source of current ideas and news of developments that will impact the shape of things to come. Their blogs are part of any good knowledge trapline.

  Nick Bostrum - Future of Humanity Institute
  Next Big Future
  Thomas Frey - Futurist
  Jamais Cascio - Open the Future
  Future Pundit
  Garry Golden - Futurist
  CBO Director
  Steve Omohundro - Selfaware Systems
  Charles Ostman - Futurist
  Chris K. Haley - Singularity Watcher
  Ben Goertzel - AI Architect
  Gene Expression
  Nature News Blog
  IEEE - Spectrum - Tech Talk
  Emergent by Design
  Singularity Pass