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Archery Organizations

  World Twitter: World Archery @worldarchery
  International Field Archery Association
  National Field Archery Association Twitter: NFAA USA @NFAAUSA
  Archery Canada Twitter: Archery Canada @ArcheryCanada
  Archery Canada Rule Book 3 - Target Archery
  USA ArcheryTwitter: USA Archery @USAArchery
  National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Twitter: N.A.S.P. @NASP2002
  KSL International Archery
  World Archery - Target Archery
  Wiki: Target Archery (the basics)

Getting Started

  Getting Started

BC Archery Organizations & Venues

  BC Archery Association
  BC Archery Clubs
  Sunshine Coast Rod and Gun Club
  Victoria Bowmen
  Burnaby Archers
  Courtenay and District Fish and Game Protective Association
  Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club
  North Shore Archery (North Vancouver)
  Society of Creative Anachronism - Archery
  Society of Creative Anachronism - The Shire of Fjordland (Sunshine Coast) - Archery
  Upcoming 3D and Target Shoots

Archery Safety

  Archery Safety Rules
  Easton Foundation: Basic Safety for every archer
  Culture of Safety

Archery Vendors and Coaches

  Richmond Archery Pro Shop (Thomas Lok)
  Just Shooting Arrows - North Vancouver (Lucien)
  Boorman Archery - New Westminister (Bill)
  Island Outfitters - Victoria
  Lykopis Archery - Vancouver
  Lancaster Archery
  Canada Archery - Online (Toronto)
  Cabelas Archery Selection
  3 Rivers Archery
  Archery World UK
  Archery Embroidery Designs

Archery Manufacturers

  Win & Win
  Arco Sport Spigarelli
  Gillo Archery
  PSE Archery
  October Mountain Products (OMP)
  Bear Archery
  Kaya Archery
  Mandarin Duck


  Arrows - What is the difference? Arrows aren't exactly simple to shop for
  Archery Manufacturers
  Putting On and Removing Arrow Points
  Arrows - Understanding the Basics
  Arrow Nocks
  Arrow Repairs

Archery String Manufacturers

  Flex Archery

Archery Rules

  Archery Canada Rule Book
  World Archery Rule Book
  Google Search: Archery Rules

Archery Exercises & Fitness

  Archery GB how to coach Draw & Alignment
  Archery GB how to coach Strength & Conditioning
  Archery GB how to coach Execution - including release
  NUSensei: Specific Physical Training (SPT) - Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Structure
  NUSensei: an important and unique aspect of archery form: using back tension
  15 Minute Beginner Flexibility Routine
  5 Archery Exercises
  Archery Exercises
  Effects of Pilates core stability exercises on the balance abilities of archers
  Believe Achieve Mental Training for Archery
  Elements of a successful practice
  How to Exercise for Archery
  World Archery: How to warm up for archery
  Shoulder workshop for archery - advanced (good posture)
  Mental Training

Olympic Archery

  Canada Olympic Archery - Canada has not yet won an Olympic medal in archery

Archery - Barebow Aiming Techniques

  Anchoring and Anchor Point
  Barebow Aiming Techniques
  Excellent Barebow Archery Tips by Jason Wesbrock

You Tube Archery

  Archery Supplies Channel: Selecting a Recurve target bow and setting it up
  Nu Sensei - Channel
  South Korea's archery invincibility explained |Form and Practice
  Recurve finals | Napoli 2019 Universiade
  Sweden v Germany Men Team (Compound, Barebow Recurve & Olympic Recurve) Bronze Final | Dublin 2016
  Men's Archery Individual Gold Medal Match | Rio 2016 Replay - high drama
  Women's Archery
  2017 Lancaster Archery Classic: Barebow Finals
  2017 Lancaster Archery Classic: Men's Recurve Finals
  2017 Lancaster Archery Classic: Youth Recurve Female Finals
  2017 Lancaster Archery Classic: Youth Recurve Male Finals
  2017 Lancaster Archery Classic: Senior Open Finals
  World Archery Channel
  World Archery "Shoot like me" tutorial series
  Archery Scoring
  More You Tube Archery Videos

Archery Facility Planning

  Archery Trade Organization: Archery Park Development Guidelines
  3-D Archery A Guide to Course Design
  Easton: Archery Facility Planning Guide
  Setting up an Archery Range
  NFAA Archery and Bowhunter Range Guidelines
  A Guide to Field Archery Courses
  Field Archery Facility Project Management - Building a 3D Archery Park

Archery Books

  Archery Fundamentals
  Zen in the Art of Archery
  The Secret of the Target

Beyond Basic: Barebows - Modern Recurves

  WNS Forged Elite-a 25 Recurve Riser
  WNS Product Guide
  Nu Sensei - W&W Wiawis Nano TFT Bow with Wiais Limbs Review
  Win & Win WIAWIS NANO TFT 25" Recurve Riser - Lancaster Archery Supply
  Setup and Tuning of Win&Win TFT riser and NS Limbs with Jake Kaminski
  Nu Sensei - W&W Black Wolf Review
  Win & Win Black Wolf Recurve Bow Review at
  Gillo G1 27" Recurve Riser specs
  Gillo G1 27" Recurve Riser Review at
  Spigarelli BB 25" Barebow Recurve Riser Review at
  Hoyt Satori

International Field Archery - Barebow

  World Archery: Barebow womens shoot-up | Wroclaw 2017 World Games
  World Archery: Barebow mens shoot-up | Wroclaw 2017 World Games
  Great Britain v Sweden � Women Team Gold Final | Dublin 2016
  Swedish Open 3D 2013 Alingss - BW Finals
  World Archery Barebow Rulebook
  World Archery Barebow Rulebook - Chapter 8 Field of Play Setup - Field Archery

Archery Craft

  Archery Craft

Archery Vacations

  Archery Holidays
  Chianti Archery

North American First Nation Archery

  First Nation Archery

My Archery Equipment

  My archery equipment list